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About Us

Originally known as “Not Just Computers”, NJCSI was founded in 1997 by Sarane Richard-Coombes, a professional engineer with a passion for perfection and extensive engineering project experience. Read More

The reputation NJCSI enjoys in the Automation sector in Southern Africa has been well earned from the many quality solutions developed for satisfied customers. This has attracted quality staff and excellent business “partners”.

The core business of NJCSI is providing Automation, Industrial IT and MIS solutions to entities across diverse industries. While focus is on the design and installation of control and management systems to customers’ specification for performance and reliability, NJCSI also provides ancillary and related Business IT services. Based on a solid engineering background and resource base of experienced professionals, NJCSI is able to provide a comprehensive service to both Industrial and Corporate clients, including:

• Process Control Engineering
• Industrial Automation
• Systems Integration
• Project Management
• Industrial and business IT
• Advanced Networking
• Internet Service Provider

Companies such as Rockwell Automation, ABB, and Emerson have chosen NJCSI as a channel partner for design and implementation of their products.

NJCSI employs a number of highly skilled automation specialist engineers who have internationally recognized qualifications. They are hand picked for their superior skills, as well as their desire to produce innovative, world class solutions. The strong IT background of these key staff helps ensure seamless integration between plant and business.

The business philosophy at
NJCSI is to focus on quality, not price; having said this NJCSI will provide outstanding value to customers by delivering superior solutions using state of the art technology and superior human intellect.  The NJCSI team understands that satisfied customers and suppliers are the foundation for long term relationships and future growth.

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