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Containing the Sprawl

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As businesses develop and grow, they add more and more technology, applications and sub-systems into their production and administrative processes. The result of this is that, over time, the system starts to sprawl, spreading out in all directions and becoming difficult to control. That diminished control over an increasingly unwieldy system can cost you time, money and efficiency. It can even lead to frequent breakdowns and crashes of the system as a whole. The primary purpose of system integration is to harness all of the disparate elements in your business and help you bring them in line.

how system integration streamlines your business

System integration is often set aside by businesses because it seems too expensive and does not appear vital to daily output. Nothing could be further from the truth. System integration not only saves money in the long run, it also increases the efficiency and productivity of your daily running.
One of the biggest issues in company systems is the variances in compatibility between legacy and new additions. You need to effectively bring your existing data, products and processes in line with the new technology you acquire. Obviously, you add the new technology in order to improve functioning. However, these improvements will be negated or at least minimised if the old and the new parts of your system aren’t in harmony.

Conscious Technology

It is then that you become conscious of technology. When everything is running smoothly, you are not aware of the tools – only of what they are doing. When the system is harmonised and you have contained the sprawl, then your focus shifts from the technology itself to your actual work. You then find that you have a much fuller and clearer vision and understanding of your business. The system integration effectively shrinks the overall system and throws light on all its aspects, including those that had previously been slipping under your radar. You thus have increased control and more incisive intelligence. With these two qualities, you cannot help but streamline and improve your business.

System integration will also optimise and enliven all the technology in your system. You may have legacy components that don’t work so well on their own, or you may have a set of disparate off-the-shelf products that are excellent on their own but are not operating all that well in concert with each other. System integration will increase the lifespan and effectiveness of the old components. It will also bring all system elements together so that the functionalities of each are optimised, and so that their combined outputs are more efficient.

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