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December 15, 2017
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February 7, 2018

NJCSI 101: Industrial IT Basics

Industrial IT Machine for Systems Integration

Industrial IT systems can be thanked for the exponential growth and progress made in the manufacturing world, as automation continues to allow for streamlined, almost faultless manufacture chain operation. Here’s the low-down on industrial Information Technology…

IT Explained

IT, or information technology, is essentially any device that relays information. The first ever information technology was the Gutenberg press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1455. A more modern definition suggests that information technology is the use of computing devices to analyse, store, edit, and transmit information.

When we talk about information, we’re referring to text, image, video, audio and the like. In other words, information technology is the equipment (such as a computer, laptop, smart device, kindle) that the above information can be viewed and edited on. But how does this apply to the industrial sphere? You’re about to find out…

Industrial Application

In the manufacturing world, industrial Information Technology takes centre stage as an essential component in the process. Industrial IT systems are used in the design, construction, processing, material sourcing, purchasing, controlling, and process automation areas.

An industrial IT system is able to share and exchange information with various modules along the production process, optimising the entire manufacture chain to save time, raw materials, and ultimately – money. The IT system is able to store information on passed manufacture runs, and makes this information available as easy-to-read statistical data.

Industrial IT Systems in South Africa

Control systems work hand in hand with industrial IT systems, making the lives of production plant managers much easier. Our NJCSI industrial IT specialists are ready and able to show you just how an industrial IT system can change the way you do business completely! Get in touch with us here for more information…