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NJCSI Teambuilding Event 2018

NJC Systems Integration specialists team building

With the new year bringing opportunities to refresh and renew our outlooks and attitudes, a team building outing was just what we needed to get 2018 going with a productive BANG! Our NJCSI teambuilding outing brought us much closer together as a business unit, and taught us a thing or two about how to deliver the best possible services to you, our valued clients. Here’s what happened on the day:

Time, Date & Venue

Our exciting team building outing was held in Kloof, Durban, at the picturesque Makaranga Garden Lodge and Spa on Friday the 2nd of February 2018.

It may have been 38 degrees at noon when things kicked off, but that didn’t bother us in the slightest! Our team building hosts were The Success Company, who couldn’t have done a more sterling job of motivating us.

The NJCSI staff compliment was broken up into four groups for the event:

  • The Green Dream Team (who scored the most points for the day)
  • The Red Ninjas
  • The Blue Dragons
  • The Mustardteers

Order of Events

Our teambuilding outing started with a hearty lunch, and then a Disc Personality Profile test was administered. This is used to reveal different personality types and group them together – each with its own strengths and perceived weaknesses.

Once we were in our groups, we were lead through four of the six outdoor teambuilding activities for the day. We then took a much-needed drinks break (did we mention it was 38 degrees?), after which we took part in another two teambuilding activities (all six are listed below).

We then reflected on the day, discussing our own personal breakthroughs and how we are able to carry the skills learnt through to our everyday lives. All in all, this was one of the most fulfilling experienced we’ve ever enjoyed as a team.

Teambuilding Activities

Below are summaries of the six team building exercises we participated in:

  • Gutter Ball: Using only PVC pipes, each team must move a ball from a starting point to the finish line a distance away. Success here relies heavily on working as a team to achieve a common goal
  • Trust Exercise: Going one at a time, blindfolded team members are verbally guided by their team mates through an elaborate obstacle course. Trust and open, effective communication is what clinches the win
  • Memory Game: Here, alternating team members take turns revealing items covered by plastic cups, then have to match the item to its twin hidden under another cup. This game relies on memory
  • Stacking Blocks: Using a contraption featuring only wood, rope and a hook – team members are tasked with stacking blocks on top of each other. This team building task relies on working as a team to achieve a common goal
  • Balancing Game: Each team gets a big cloth and a full cup of water. Teams have to work together, and communicate effectively, in order to move the cup balancing on the cloth from one point to another without spilling
  • Tower Building: Using only marshmallows, spaghetti and masking tape – teams have to construct a tower that can stand unassisted for at least 5 seconds. Bonus points are awarded for the highest tower.

Helping Us to Help You

While our recent team building outing brought us together as a team, improving our overall motivation and productivity, the greatest gifts we received were the skills we can utilise to optimise our service delivery as a company. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on what went down at our NJCSI teambuilding outing for 2018!